Organic Food Yay or Nay????

Ok, ok I must admit when organic food hit the market I was the number one consumer of anything organic and I think I should own at least half of Whole Foods for… Continue reading

What is Healing Flo Lounge anyway?

Greetings, Healing Flo Lounge is indeed a useful network for people who are interested in learning how to balance and live fruitful lives that will benefit self, families, and community. I created this… Continue reading

Negative Nancy on the Prowl

You can she her a mile away chewing on lime green bubble gum moving her hands every which a way. The lady with the red beehive keeps covering her mouth in shock about… Continue reading

Let’s Heal

The world is indeed a brutally cold place and a person can easily become lonely, slip into depression and anxiety. I have been there myself but through some pain and the sweet grace… Continue reading

Smoking Quartz

Smoking Quartz.

Smoking Quartz

Chakra: Root/BASE What DOES it do????? Clears away negative thinking and even people 2 when worn and meditated with. Works on ankle swelling and calf strains PREVENTS: DEPRESSION, ANGER, FEAR, CONFUSION AND PANIC… Continue reading


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Call in on Thursday at 7:00 pm EST

Call in on Thursday at 7:00 pm to discuss Chakra Healing 101 for the advanced and beginners… 646-668-8313 Call In at 7:00 p.m. TOPICS *HERBS *Chakra *Crystal Healing *Meditational Healing *Oracle Readings *Sound… Continue reading